Die Kunst Ist Toth 4

"Die Kunst Ist Toth" is an artistic event which have took place irregularly since 1998. It is devoured to intergration of different kind of art such as instalation (environment), sculpture, video and music. There is a philosophy which underlies this art through a synthesis of material and ideal substance. The artists refer to an Egyptian Toth, a protector of writting and magick.

In a creation of the event are engaged mainly Andrzej Miastkowski (vel Egon Fietke) who represents legendary Lyyying Commune, Maciej Ożóg, musician (Spear, Ben Zeen), publisher (project Ignis) and instalation artist and Marek Rogulski (Rogulus), curator of events in Gdansk ("Tysiąc Najjaśniejszych Słońc" Fundation), artist of extraordinary sculptures and improvisation music (trumpet and other wind instruments).

Since nowadays the event took place three times in Lodz (Tower Building Gallery, Municipal Gallery "Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki", Museum of Art). In this time we move it to Poznań into the Academy of Fine Arts. During 3-7th of November we will have a chance to experience their art and art of their companions videos (Plazma TV and Wiktor Skok). On the second day of the exhibition will be a panel of discussion leading by Roman Bromboszcz.

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