Mini Festival of Computer Based Art

"Permutations" is a minifestival of computer based art consisits of an exhibition and audiovisual concerts. The name is taken from statistic analisis and it relies to repetition and variation in art, especially where algoritms and logic loops are used in work. Permutation, in other words, a variation with repetitions, is an output of generative process which an aim is to create audiovisual content. In the past there where usages of variations technique, especially in music. In XXth century it was instroduced to literature and to fine arts. As prominent examples we can take "Goldbergs Variations" of Jan Sebastian Bach, "Stylistic Excercises" of Raymond Queneau and "Attempt of Visual Representation of Statistical Process" of Ryszard Winiarski.

Permutation is related to a randomness, with this is able to provoke astonishment and make us conscious of the creativity in machines. Maschine make repetitions in a chance order and this lead to new quality which we can name unlimitedness.Through randomness, generativeness and repetitiveness computer based process of creation is stretched in infinity. It expands human conditions of perception and gives only imaginations about possible changes of content. With Immanuel Kant we can name this value sublime but what we are sure in this case is not a matter of piece of art but code of it.

The event is prepared for demonstration of the art which is exhibited in galleries occasionally, the art which is rather tied up with certain type of studies and new media festivals. In the event will appeared artists occupied with music, audivisual artand litterature. Most important value of their work is control with computer usage and programming.

Permutations. Mini Festival of Computer Based Art
exhibition 6-26th of May 2010
koncerty 7th of May 2010

Centre for Culture and Art
Wieża Ciśnień Gallery
Okólna Street 47a, Konin

Krzysztof Knittel, Roman Bromboszcz, Dominik Popławski,
Paweł Lisek, Tomasz Misiak, Maciej Ożóg, nonstate, KALeKA