"Hidden" is an event which will interconect three Western cities of Poland. It will be realized in Zielona Góra, Wrocław and Poznań. Three editions of the event will take place in galleries and in public space of the cities. A main idea which give artist inspiration is a diffusion of two areas "art in gallery" and "creation on a street". An aim is to show relations between them or to choose one part of the alternative.

The mentioned practices are separated by walls of institutions. Nevertheless, there are tendencies to absorb the difference and equalisate urban strategies with artworks from history of art. Could be that this process is irreversible and we cannot change direcion? We can negotiate it and can give response to what we will lost if we agree with that "flattering", though.

Invited artists have opportunity to choose between two areas or to set up relation between them. What is distinctive for them is that they act on account of physical context, they look for playing with receiver and use artistic tools functionally, instrumentally. It gives a "styleless poetic", outside "signature". An aim is to invent a certain situation which provoke something what citizens have never experienced before.

The First Part: Zielona Góra BWA 7-30th of November 2008