The exhibition "The Voice and Phoneme" presents a variety of creative attitudes in the field of cyber poetry, visual poetry and sound. These activities are focused on combining intermedia in aesthetic unity of different sensory registers through print and digital objects, visual loop and physical-computing hybrids. The exhibition's title is a travesty of Jacques Derrida's famous book entitled "Voice and Phenomenon", where the author revises the assumptions of phenomenology, and puts to question the established belief in the primacy of view over the hearing.

Invited artists: Joanna Adamczewska, Małgorzata Dawidek Gryglicka, Roman Bromboszcz, Tomasz Wilmański, Tomasz Misiak, Łukasz Podgórni, Leszek Onak

Roman Bromboszcz, 7 Days, interactive object, fragment

Tomasz Wilmański, Sounds 2, object, fragment

Leszek Onak, Charlie Sheen Dubstep, print

Łukasz Podgórni, Forever Coins, print

Roman Bromboszcz, g.o.l.e.m., print

Leszek Onak, nonselected, print

Łukasz Podgórni, the_baking_bread, print

Roman Bromboszcz, ciemność, print

Leszek Onak, _v1_a3, print

Roman Bromboszcz, jazzy_skuna, print

Leszek Onak, text-decoration, print

Roman Bromboszcz, kl3r0w1_30l, print

Leszek Onak, testowanienedznicy, print

 Voice and Phoneme

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