This issue is related to two ideas: artificial life and modularity. It contains graphics of cyborg (from source of Qrde), schemata of artifitial animal (according to M. Kempista i H. Greniewski), poem from "Introvert Dictionary" by Małgorzata Dawidek-Gryglicka, text "Audiosfera" (by Tomek Misiak) and also text and map with records of Mutili signal transmission. Plenty with stickers. Particular elements stick in different places, so copies are very different semetimes. One white leaf, one qalque, one black and one navy blue-grey leaf (tabernacle) with interference of Rogulus and Egon Fietke. A5, 20 pages. (VI. 2008)


5th issue is related to two ideas: recycling and simultaneity. One of leafs is taken from rest of last numbers production. A Variations on the theme of Great Antenna. Within ("antena non grata", "antena obscura", "reductio ad antena") two poems ("negative" and "afirmative"). A text about relations between human body (human organs) and magnetic fields. One poem with a sonar as a subject. One poem written on the edge of last page. Two qalques, one blue leaf, one white leaf and one from previous issues. A5, 20 pages. (I. 2006)


Double issue contains schemata of communication and energy exchange, graphics with subject of electricity, visual poetry, collages related to industrial subculture and manifestos. The texts within are about retrosemiosis, emencipation of noises and aural sphere of human kind. This magazine is composed in such way that people can read it forward (no. 3) or backward (no.4). Two black leafs, one red and three qalques. A5, 20 pages. (2005)


Black cover punctured with knife and screwdriver. On third and fourth pages is cross made by typewritter using signs of "---...---" (S.O.S.) and two lines of spray. Beside this there is concrete poetry, two grafics with scan of face in psychodelic colours, minimal compositions ("one bit of information" and "dangerous informations") and apeel-poem: "make Your own pop star..." related to plagiarism. One leaf black, one red, one white and three qualques. A5, 20 pages. (IX, 2003)


The most joyfull and airy from our stuff. It contains visual poetry, schamata of mechanisms such Watt engine, minimal compositions similar to mandala and inquiry form. Besides it is composed with conceptual arrangements and has word-games. White pages and qualques. A5, 20 pages. (IV, 2003)